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- I have made 30 + tracks for you to have a perfect houseparty or for a very giving and inspiring powerwalk -


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About Sound Of Estate


My Name is Peter and i am from Sweden. Got a music software from my sister as a  Christmas present. So why don`t try to make a track of my own?

Now I am making some music that at least me, myself and I like to listen to. Do it as a hobbie so far and getting better every day i hope? (by a trial and error experience). Made about 30 tracks in the club, EDM and house area.

See all my tracks here:

Listen to one of the best concerts for EDM ever made the "Tribute to Avicii" listen to it here below under My inspiration

A movie for inspiration of making EDM music is: this  "We are your friends"

See some of my inspiration here below

   This is some of my inspiration to start making music.

 See the amazing tribute concert to Aviciii here below one of the best conserts i ever seen.

See my playlists for more good music here below

Click on the orange buttons below with the name of the playlist!

I  am now about to put up my tracks on you tube and see how it goes?